New To Scouting?

We welcome all boys and girls in kindergarten through 5th grade! Kids and their families interested in Cub Scouting should come visit the Pack at our meetings. Kids do not have to go to any particular school or live in any particular area to join. The choice of a Cub Scout Pack is typically where friends are joining and/or the convenience of the meeting location.

You probably have some a short video to get the answers to the five that are most frequently asked by new families.

Dens are based on their age:

Lions - 5-6 years old (kindergarten)

Tigers - 6-7 years old (first grade)

Wolves - 7-8 years old (second grade)

Bears - 8-9 years old (third grade)

Webelos I - 9-10 years old (forth grade)

Webelos II - 10-11 years old (fifth grade)

Membership Dues

The yearly membership fee of $60 is collected at the time the application is completed and is renewed each year in September. This includes a pack t-shirt (first time registration only), subscription to Boy’s Life magazine and awards.

What other costs are there?

Dues are set by the Committee based on budgetary needs and are includ­ed in the $60. Some outings may require additional fees to participate. These outings are attended on a voluntary basis. Adults who become leaders also have registration fees to join the Boy Scouts of America and these are paid for by the Pack. The Pack works to defray additional costs by participating in approved money-earning projects.

Pack 9 sells popcorn starting in September. Besides the annual dues, this is our main source of income and each child is expected to sell a minimum amount of popcorn.

There are other events and outings that we participate in that may have a fee. These include campouts, trips to places with an entry fee and others. These are completely voluntary to attend and we try and make the costs as low as possible.

Get Involved

Cub Scouting is a family oriented program. Many of the advancement requirements the kids must complete require input and/or participation in some form or another by parents and family members. The Pack and Den leadership is made up of volunteer parents. Parental involvement is essential for development of a strong Pack and its Cub Scouts. Please consider joining our leadership team as a den leader, assistant den leader, or committee member performing ‘one-shot’ program jobs, such as coordinating pack participation in sales events, pinewood derby, blue and gold banquet, etc. - these jobs are of short duration.

Contact the New Member Coordinator to see how you can be involved.