Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is one of the pack's most popular events of the year. Starting from bare blocks of wood, cubs create race cars of all shapes and themes to compete in speed and design competitions. The fastest and best designs from the pack can move on to regional competitions.

The Pinewood Derby is a parent-child project. Please feel free to give guidance and assistance as your Scout builds his/her Pinewood Derby car. This is a chance for your child to be part of a team and to enjoy the spirit of friendly competition with his/her peers. This project and event is also an opportunity for your Cub Scout to enjoy the satisfaction of building his/her own car from the resources provided.

Do Your Best

While everyone is trying to win, it’s always a good idea to remember the Cub Scout Motto "Do Your Best", and some of the basic ideas behind good sportsmanship as they relate to the Pinewood Derby.

Three Primary Principles of this Project:

  • Scouts learn the design and craft skills necessary to build a car.
  • Scouts learn the physics of car-building techniques (within the established rules) needed to compete in the Derby.
  • Scouts learn the appropriate personal conduct while participating, winning, and NOT winning in the Pinewood Derby (this is called sportsmanship).