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Camping is one of the pack's most enjoyable outdoor activities  Cub Scout camping is a family affair.  Parents camp with their boys and siblings are generally welcome as well. All camping trips require the attendance of a Baloo trained adult leader and must be conducted at either an approved camp site or one of the properties owned by the Gulf Ridge Council. Typically, a pack camping trip is held on a weekend with a one or two night stay.

Cub Scouts may also attend four or five day Day Camp and Twilight Camp programs offered during the summer.  While these do not involve overnight stays, they do give cubs a taste of summer camps to come.

 If you haven't camped with Cub Scouts before, or haven't camped at all, please read the First Time Camper's Guide.

Additional information

If you would like to see additional information about the outdoor program, visit the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Acitvities site.