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Pack Committee

Position Name Responsibilities
 Committee Chair Jason Goulas Contact person with the Chartered Organization Representative. Presides over Pack Committee Meetings.
Leads the pack.  Plans and conducts monthly pack meetings, represents the pack at Tocobaga district meetings. Coordinates on fund raising activities with district and council officials and the treasurer. Performs recruiting activities for new cubs.
 Assistant Cubmaster Steven Folsom  Aids the Cubmaster and stands in for Cubmaster in his or her absence.

 Treasurer Bob Faskowitz Helps the Pack establish a sound financial program for the Pack with a Pack budget plan. Maintains a bank account, approves all budget expenditures.
 Activities Coordinator
Coordinates the pack's activities throughout the year.  Reserves camp sites for camping trips, submits trip permits, entry forms, and other required paperwork.
 Advancement Chair Tracy Fleer-Willsie
Records the completion of requirements and electives and distributes awards earned by the scouts.

 Popcorn ColonelBob Faskowitz Coordinates Popcorn fundraiser
Suzy Folsom
Maintains the pack's website and online calendar.

Den Leaders

Den - Rank 
Den Leader  Email
 Den 5 - Tiger

Byron Gabel

 Den 9 - Wolves



 Den 8 - Bear

 David Barkus 

 Den 7 - Webelos I

  Jason Goulas

  Den 6 - Webelos II

  Barbara Czajka-West